Is it safe to power wash in the rain?

If you don’t like the weather in in Calgary, wait 15 minutes. The old saying should clue anyone in to the unpredictability of weather in Calgary and the surrounding area.

The weather that changes all the time can create problems for planning a pressure wash.

Can you do it in the rain? Should you?

Or maybe just wait another 15min? (If it was only that easy!)

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For those who don’t know: Calgary is known for its unpredictable weather and can experience floods as a result of heavy rainfall or snow melt from nearby mountains. In fact, there have been several flood alerts issued by Environment Canada because of recent precipitation levels.

Potential dangers of power washing in the rain

To answer your question – Pressure washing in the rain is not advised. If you pressure wash in the rain there are some potential dangers you should be aware of:

Lightning strikes

If it’s raining hard and there are lightning strikes in the area, your contractor or you should not pressure wash because of the risk of electrocution.

Lightning strikes—not exactly something you want to encounter while cleaning your house! The danger is real and far more common than some people think.

Lightning strikes can cause fires. If lightning hits a tree, that tree may catch fire or drop burning branches or debris onto other objects, which could then be set on fire by the flames or sparks created by them hitting ground level. In fact, over 1 million fires are started each year by lightning strikes!

Lightning strikes can injure people directly through electrocution and indirectly through burns caused by fires started from lightning striking trees nearby; these injuries have led to hundreds of deaths every year in recent years in the United States alone (though most victims are farm workers).

If you do use a pressure washer while it’s raining and lightning strikes, then they could be seriously injured or killed by the electrical shock of being hit by lightning.

Slippery surfaces

Pressure washing can create slippery surfaces, so take care with where you walk after using a pressure washer or any other corrosive chemicals on the ground, sidewalks or steps near the area being cleaned.

Before you start power washing, make sure your site is safe. If the surface is slippery, it can be dangerous when wet and even more dangerous when it’s wet and also has high levels of pressure. Slippery surfaces can cause falls, injury and damage to property.

Slippery surfaces are a common hazard in many areas where rainfall occurs—even on long-excavated trails that have been exposed to water for some time.

High winds

High winds can cause safety concerns for workers on ladders or scaffolding that could be affected by strong winds during use of this equipment (especially if they have been recently treated with a chemical solution).

High winds can cause safety concerns for workers on ladders or scaffolding.

In addition, high winds can cause safety concerns for workers on ladders or scaffolding. Safety equipment should be used when working at heights in windy conditions.

Safety first

You may have to delay your project if it’s raining too hard or if there’s lightning in the area; make sure everyone involved knows that they need to work safely before beginning work again once conditions have improved enough for them to do so safely (i.e., don’t pressure wash when lightning is present).

We know that you want to get your power washing done as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, sometimes it’s not safe to pressure wash in the rain. We recommend to wait until the rain stops before you start any work on your project.

Taking your time to plan and execute your project is important for keeping everyone safe.

While it’s tempting to rush through your project when weather conditions are less than ideal, you need to take your time and plan for the unexpected. Safety should always be your priority, so make sure that you have the right equipment, the proper training and a back-up plan just in case things go awry.

Remember to clean all the loose debris

Before starting any work on any exterior surface, make sure that your home has been properly cleaned out first by removing all loose debris from pathways around doors/windows etc., trimming overgrown trees/shrubs away from foundation walls so no leaves get blown into crawl spaces either!


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